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Benefits of a portable greenhouse

Most gardeners often get disappointed when the winter approaches as they now patiently have to wait for the soil to soften. There are very few gardeners who are actually able to maintain their small gardens throughout the year inside their greenhouses.

A greenhouse is greatly helpful to gardeners in overcoming harsh weather conditions so as to continue cultivating plants even in chilling winters. However, the cost required to construct and uphold even the smallest of greenhouses involves a lot of money. Also it necessitates the need for a small area of land. Though there are various kinds of greenhouses that are available such as mini greenhouses, glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and many others, portable greenhouses seem to be a perfect deal for those who are constrained by their budget and space problems.

These portable greenhouses are easily fixed and taken away in the basement or garage when they are no longer in use. Nevertheless, one cannot consider them as strong as the permanent fixtures; still they efficiently do the job of keeping plants warm and safe and thereby extend the growing season of the gardener till the fall.

Furthermore, these portable greenhouses are quite affordable, which also makes them a good choice for beginners who are looking forward to try out their skills in the greenhouse crop growing without making a huge investment. At times, these are also used as the transitory tool sheds and are therefore a better option than going for an expensive permanent one. None the less, these portable greenhouses are lightweight and so during stormy or rainy season one may need to tie them to some heavy object in order to prevent any loss.  

The most commonly found kit for portable greenhouse is the one that looks similar to an accordion when it is opened. After it is opened, spreader bar can then be fitted inside the bracket over its roofline. Generally, it takes just a few minutes to construct a portable greenhouse.

These greenhouses are normally covered with a tear-resistant plastic. It is this plastic that allows only 75% of the received sunlight to permeate and thereby blocks harmful UV rays. Such an arrangement is  most suitable for seedlings. Individual plastic sheets can be joined by zippers and those on roof might also be put open in order to allow the air to come inside. This plastic usually lasts for around 5 years according to its usage. Almost all of these portable greenhouses are made from light aluminum that accounts to it’s light weight.   

There are different shapes and sizes in which greenhouses are made available. It is important to take accurate measurements of the garden space before purchasing a portable greenhouse.

You may also require having heaters or lightning in your greenhouse, so it is better to first determine your needs than purchase a portable greenhouse.

Hence, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before the actual purchase of a greenhouse is made by you, so that you do not end up wasting your money later.  

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