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Benefits Of Earthworm Farming

Earthworm farming is a highly effective technique. Earthworm farming has emerged and a significant horticultural practice and has contributed to agriculture like never before. Earthworm farming is the practice where earthworms are involved in the art of agriculture and crop farming. In this technique, earthworms are used as fertilizing agents that help to enhance cultivation of crops. These earthworms are placed in the soil and they blend with certain microorganisms to enhance soil quality and texture. This furthers the process of plant growth and irrigation and results in the production of superior plants. The earthworms here act as catalysts in the process of farming where the end product is superior soil quality, better irrigation facilities and enhanced plantation and cropping.

The earthworms are given quality food by the farmer with rich nutrients and qualities. When these earthworms are spread on the soil they till the soil and their wastes are highly productive for the soil. The earthworm wastes are the key catalysts for the purpose and are responsible for the soil fertility and nutrients. It is because of these wastes earthworms are highly used in the farming occupation. These castings are rich in humus and promote farming. Hence earthworm farming has been of immense help to the farmers. Earthworm farming provides humus to the soil and loosens the soil. This kind of a farming helps in providing the right amount of minerals and gases to the farm. Hence the role of earthworms in farming is being optimally utilized. Earthworm farming may at times feel expensive as you have to feed the earthworm with quality food to get quality castings that help in farming. However, farmers feel that their investment on earthworm farming is here to stay and yield greater returns. This has been proven over the several years of utility of earthworms.

The farmer needs to take care of the earthworm food and also needs to use only those pesticides that enhance the fertility. Earthworm killing pesticides can fire back on the farmer. Hence, earthworm farming is highly advantageous but requires certain precautions that come as a disclaimer. For effectiveness, this kind of farming practice remains indispensable and unrivalled.

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