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Benefits of Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is the biological process of decomposing the waste material into useful and fertilized material through the use of worms. This is a process through which the waste material from the home is recycled by the action of worms and used as a fertilizer in the garden or the farm. Thus the waste that was devoid of any kind of value become valuable at the end of this process.

Thus, in addition to the above benefits the process of Vermicomposting is essential as it helps to enrich the nutrient content of the farm and makes it fertile. Vermicomposting also helps to grow better quality vegetables, fruits and plants in the farm. The nutrients of the food need not go waste anymore. This can be used for Vermicomposting and soil rejuvenation. Vermicomposting has also had a huge commercial success of late and the farmers have made their produce marketable through this process. Earthworms have also been sold for farm fertilization of for fishing bait purposes. Vermicomposting is done for specific reasons by different people.

If you are a beginner it would be important to not that Vermicomposting is not rocket science! Vermicomposting is simple, easy and doable. Vermicomposting requires very few resources and supplies to get started with. A box, tub or a container is needed in order to keep the earthworms. The bin or container is usually kept in a dark room. The garage or the basement room may be used if the Vermicomposting is to be done indoors. However, it can be kept out also based on your requirements. The temperature ranging from 40-90 o F is ideal for the purpose. The box is to be filled with non toxic newspapers or cardboard at the base for the earthworms. Approximately 10-12 miniature holes are to be drilled for the drainage purposes. After this a gallon of waste is to be filled into the box. A water content of 4 gallons is also needed for the purpose. The atmosphere inside the container needs to be moist.

The worms are then put into the container for composting purposes after 2-3 days. This contained must then be left in the place assigned for it. After this has been done, you can stay away from the container for Vermicomposting without having to bother about it. The food in the container is usually supplied on a weekly basis. The container is also checked once in a while for the water level. Excessive water can drown the worms.

The worms start their action on the waste material almost immediately. The container contains nitrogen and phosphorous as a result of composting. Various other micro-organisms are also present in the box to enhance the Vermicomposting objective. The secretions of the intestinal tract of the earthworms add to the nutrient content of the soil. The food is broken into compost that contains rich nutrients. This compost attained at the end of the composting period is high on nutrients is then used for fertilizer purposes to grow healthy and sturdy plants.

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