How to grow Alocasia Corms

Alocasia plants are grown from underground storage structures called corms. These corms can be propagated by division or by planting individual corms. Here are the steps to grow Alocasia corms: With proper care and maintenance, Alocasia corms can grow into beautiful and healthy plants.

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Earthworm Castings: Vermicomposting

Earthworm casting is also popular by another name, i.e. Vermicomposting. Earthworm castings are highly used in horticultural practises. Worm casting method is supposed to be the best method for modification of the soil. The materials are used for helping in increment of nutrient content in the soil. The earthworms need to be of high quality …

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Raising Earthworms

Earthworm raising is one of the biggest farming practises today. These earthworms are practically raised for two purposes. In simple words these purposes can be classified as either for fishing baits (Vermiculture) or for soil fertilization (Vermicomposting). Earthworm raising has assumed greater importance today and the techniques of earthworm raising have also improved. However, here …

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Earthworm Food

Every farmer is very circumspect about the food that he feeds the earthworms in his compost bin. The quality of earthworm food determines the quality of the fertilizer that will be obtained after the Vermicomposting process. Hence, the food part is of utmost significance as it can make or break the soil of your farm. …

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Earthworm Composting

Earthworm composting is a popular methodology used for the conversion of waste materials into useful manure that is used to catapult the fertility of the soil. This compost helps the plants to grow healthier and stronger. There is no set procedure for the purpose but farmers have a bottom layer for the drainage and a …

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How To Dissect an Earthworm

Earthworms are considered to be of great help in the fields or garden. The earthworm’s tunneling combines up the earth’s soil along with bringing rich content soil to the earth’s surface. One can conveniently observe the tiny creature’s organs by carrying out the method of dissection using a preserved earthworm. Earthworm dissection involves the requirement …

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Benefits Of Earthworm Farming

Earthworm farming is a highly effective technique. Earthworm farming has emerged and a significant horticultural practice and has contributed to agriculture like never before. Earthworm farming is the practice where earthworms are involved in the art of agriculture and crop farming. In this technique, earthworms are used as fertilizing agents that help to enhance cultivation …

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Benefits of Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is the biological process of decomposing the waste material into useful and fertilized material through the use of worms. This is a process through which the waste material from the home is recycled by the action of worms and used as a fertilizer in the garden or the farm. Thus the waste that was …

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