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Plant Breeding

Plant breeding is a scientific technique of mating two different varieties of plant to get a better variety of the desired plant. Plant breeding is a modern scientific technique which helps us to produce varieties which give us better yield in terms of both quality and quantity. In plant breeding different species of plants having …

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Plant Cloning

Gardeners are always hungry for more plants. Plant cloning has emerged as the next biggest thing after cross pollination that comes naturally. Every farmer is looking for new and fresh plants that match the season and enhance the portfolio of his garden. However, some unique plants may be well available in the local nursery or …

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Plant Genetics: the most significant and effective way of producing high-yield crops

Plant genetics in the current day scenario has increasingly become the most important source of yielding high quality crops. In terms of molecular biology, the use of plant genetics refers to the alteration and modifications in the genes of a plant cell ensuing from the genomic incorporation, uptake and appearance of foreign genetic substance (DNA). …

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An overview of seed propagation

Seed propagation generally refers to the production of a large amount of plants and that too without involving much costs and expenses. The normal time period that is taken by various plants in order to develop from seeds is a bit longer. Also, the plants that are developed from seeds take longer durations of time …

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Plant Disease

Plant disease is basically classified as a noninfectious disease if it is caused by any of the environmental factors and do not get transmitted from one affected plant to another. Only that plant disease is infectious which is caused through the disease organisms like the fungus, nematode or the fungus. Some of the very common …

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