How To Grow & Care For Alocasia

Alocasia, commonly known as Elephant Ears, is a genus of broad-leaved perennials native to tropical and subtropical Asia and Eastern Australia. Their large, dramatic foliage is shaped like an elephant’s ear, giving the plant its well-known common name. Available in over 80 species, Alocasia’s unique appearance has made it a […]

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How To Grow & Care For Agastache

Agastache, commonly known as Hyssop, is a genus that boasts both decorative and medicinal benefits. This perennial herb is part of the mint family and is prized for its showy spikes of aromatic flowers, which can range from pink and lavender to bright blue and orange. Agastache varieties are highly […]

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African milk Tree

How To Grow & Care For The Africmilk Tree

The Africmilk Tree, a remarkable plant native to arid regions of Africa, is scientifically known as Euphorbia trigona. This succulent resembles a cactus with its columnar shape, adorned with pronounced ridges running along the edges and spaced-out spines. Its deep green color and unique appearance make it a sought-after plant […]

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How To Grow & Care For Aeonium

Aeonium, a genus of succulent plants belonging to the Crassulaceae family, is native to the Canary Islands, Madeira, Morocco, and parts of East Africa. These rosette-forming plants are known for their fleshy leaves and vibrant colors, which can range from deep greens to purples and reds. Aeoniums are popular in […]

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