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Choosing A Glass Greenhouse

What are greenhouses?

Greenhouses are glass-covered gardens built for growing plants throughout the year. The glass used in the greenhouse traps and retains the heat of the sun which is necessary for plants. In modern times artificial heating is also used to provide warmth to the greenhouse. If the greenhouse is small, it may be heated with the help of hot water. Proper ventilation is also there to exhaust overheating and there is air regulation arrangement too. Cooling, heating, ventilation and air regulation are done in moderation and sudden changes are avoided completely. Greenhouses are houses that are built to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants under a glass roof. These greenhouses store the heat of the sun and set or create a warm temperature that is favorable for the plants growth.

Greenhouses may have glass or plastic structures (walls and roof). But glass greenhouses are preferable as other materials have shortcomings over glass.

Why glass green houses?

Glass is scratch proof, durable and will not fade out after a long period of time while plastic, polycarbonates and acrylics cloud over with the passage of time. Glass is a bit expensive than plastic but it does not require early replacement as it does not get scratches and clouding. On the other hand plastic due to its ‘clouding quality’ needs replacement from time to time. In this way glass is more economical. Greenhouses are constructed to trap the heat and glass is the best material known in trapping heat. It retains all the heat without any loss of it which consequently helps in supplying adequate heat to the plants. Plastic lacks this quality as it is not good at trapping heat.

Apart from all these reasons glass greenhouses are liked more because they look good. Glass is known for its everlasting shine and luster.

Greenhouses are constructed to grow plants in all the four seasons. These are special places where a plant can get the required temperature to grow and flourish. When you are gardening in a greenhouse you do not have to worry about the seasons. Glass greenhouses provide you some more advantages over any other plastic or metal greenhouse. Glass greenhouse provides you with the flexibility to take care of your plants anytime. Whether it is summer, winter or rainy season, it does not matter you can enjoy watering your plants in the evening.

Today there are modern greenhouses too like tempered safety glass, steel and aluminium. And the cooling and heating system are computerized but glass greenhouse has not lost its place for the basic reason that it provides an ideal atmosphere for the growth of plants.

If you are planning to grow plants under the glass roof you should know which direction is ideal. If you plan to construct the greenhouse in the south or southeast side of the house, the area should be sunny or partially shaded. In the southern direction it would get maximum sunlight which is essential in winter (as in winter season plants need maximum sunlight).

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