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Earthworm Castings: Vermicomposting

Earthworm casting is also popular by another name, i.e. Vermicomposting. Earthworm castings are highly used in horticultural practises. Worm casting method is supposed to be the best method for modification of the soil. The materials are used for helping in increment of nutrient content in the soil. The earthworms need to be of high quality for this.  The earthworms can be of a high quality only if they are fed with nutritious material. Their food generally consists of manures and dissipates food. Hence, in order to get good quality worms, one must feed the worms with quality food that helps these worms to be used for various purposes in the future. Some earthworm varieties are superior to their counterparts and help in plant growth through behaving as catalyst fertilizers, thus enhancing the process. These earthworms are utilized to their optimum and are a boon for many farmers. They emerge naturally and prove to be the farmer’s friend in need.

These worms provide the desired nutrients to the plants in the form they need it. This helps the plants to grow and develop in a healthy manner and in lesser time frames. Fungi and bacteria that are formed due to the action of the worm actually help these plants to grow healthier. They enhance plant growth by providing them the ideal conditions. These worm castings also contain various chemical compounds that play a crucial role in plant growth and development. These chemical compounds are the substances that are actually responsible for the stimulation of the plant growth. Worm castings are highly helpful to the plants as they help them to grow faster and healthier. This has infact been the key tool for fertilizing since times and the farmers have been the beneficiaries with quick plant growth and multiple cropping. Earthworm castings and its effect on plants are still being studied largely by scientists to measure the degree of help the plant gets from these castings. However, the soil tillers and blenders know exactly about the benefit these plants get from these worm castings.

These castings of the earthworms are added to the soil in the lawns and gardens for fertilizing purposes as they contain rich organic matter that is like a nutrient to the plants. These earthworm castings may have tremendous repelling qualities that keep away insects and other foreign particles. Hence earthworm casting is very widely used as these earthworm castings are considered to be one of the most promising fertilizers. However these worm castings are not preferred by many farmers for fertilizing purposes as this procedure does not seem to be as cost effective as you would have imagined. There are some other fertilizers that are available to the farmer that may be inexpensive and effective. These fertilizers may even contain more nutrients as compared to the castings. Hence, some of these castings are put up for sale for nurseries and other farmers dealing in plants of ornamental value.

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