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Earthworm Composting

Earthworm composting is a popular methodology used for the conversion of waste materials into useful manure that is used to catapult the fertility of the soil. This compost helps the plants to grow healthier and stronger. There is no set procedure for the purpose but farmers have a bottom layer for the drainage and a middle layer for the manure. This varies in between individuals.

Earthworm composting may be of two types; Aerobic or Anaerobic. Aerobic composting is a system that utilizes oxygen for the purpose. This is the most popular and widely used method. The second method is one where storage vessels and few systems are required for keeping oxygen from occupying the anaerobic decompose process. This takes time and methane is released as a by-product. The smell is also unpleasant. This method is usually not given the first preference.

Earthworms are highly resourceful for composting purposes. Earthworm composting is a highly effective process wherein the wastes are broken down into useful and organic materials that enhance the soil quality through the use of microorganisms. The waste is turned into enriching soil manure. Earthworm composting by the aerobic method is highly effective. It is advantageous and preferred. It has evolved as a highly popular method of late. This is the most rated pesticide that is being used lately. As a new trend, it comes of as a naturally available pesticide that helps in waste disposal too.

The earthworms are placed into the waste box and are placed in a 50° F – 75° F temperature. This is best suited for them. After the procedure is completed the castings can be used immediately or can be used for a future purpose. It is usually preserved in a special container and in special conditions. When the compost is finally used for the purpose the plants that grow are healthy and sturdy. Earthworms have thus been highly helpful to the farmers and come across as naturally available soil quality enhancers. These earthworms provide the best growth conditions for the plants when composted and offer numerous varieties of output plants. Hence these earthworms are essential and invoke superior soil qualities, promote tilling and provide nutrients to the soil. Red worms are a preferred option over field worms. They are a safer option as they reproduce in quick succession and offer larger castings for the garden.

Some other pesticides if used may destroy useful insects and the earthworms and hence one must be careful. The earthworm castings are highly nutritious and are enough for the soil. More fertilizers must be used judiciously. This will automatically cut costs and will help to preserve the useful earthworm and the insects. On the other hand it may hit back on you if you try excessive pesticides on the soil and compost if the pesticides harm the earthworms.

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