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Green House: A paradise for gardening lovers

A green house is the ultimate solution for those who are enthusiastic about gardening, who feel restless in autumn and the winter seasons when the gardens are bare and are reduced to barren patches of twigs and branches. A green house helps in extending the growing season of plants and in reducing the expenses that have to be made on seeds each year. A green house is not necessarily expensive and it can be fitted into any open space in the garden. This will help the flowers and plants to receive a dry and warm environment during the time when the environmental conditions outside are inhospitable for plant growth. These can be commercial green houses also which often have the latest technological production amenities for flowers and vegetables. Equipment like heating, lighting, cooling and screening installations are available in these green houses which are automatically directed by computers.

A green house is the structure with plastic or glass roof and walls, and it gets heated up due to incoming solar rays which warm up the soil, plants and other object in the building. The air that is warmed up due to hot interior surface gets retained inside the building by the walls and the roof. The glass that is used for these green houses works as selective medium of transmission for various frequencies of the spectrum, which helps in trapping the energy within the building, heating both the ground and the plants inside it. Thus, the air close to the ground gets warmed up, thus preventing the air from rising up and flowing away. In other words, green house works by preventing convection and trapping the electro-magnetic radiation.

Besides working on the structure of the green house, there is also a need to make a provision for water and heat for the plants. There should be an ability to control the atmosphere in the green house in order to provide the plants with proper growth conditions. Plants need some sunshine hours for survival, therefore, picking up the right location for setting up the green house is quite crucial. The plants die if it is not enveloped by shade. It is also important to ensure that the windows are fitted into the mouldings tightly, and there are no leaks in fitting which may allow cold air to enter into the green house, thus killing the plants. Early spring season is the best point in time for starting up the green house, which will make sure that by the time the summer season comes, the green house will be full of vegetables and flowers. Once the summer season starts, the plants can be transferred outdoors. A green house can be a person’s get away from the hustles and bustles of life and spending some time in the green house after the day’s work can be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating for those who consider that plants are the friends of humans. The blooming flowers in the plants can be aesthetically appealing for the nature lovers, and may be you will not want to step out of the building once you enter into it.

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