How Long Does It Take for Baby’s Tears to Grow? A Guide to Cultivating This Tiny Plant

Unraveling the Mystery of Baby’s Tears

Have you ever heard of Baby’s Tears? Sounds like something that would fall from a cherub’s eyes, right? But it’s actually a type of plant! It got its name because its leaves are so small and delicate, they look like tiny drops of tears.

The Long Wait for Growth

So how long does it take to grow Baby’s Tears? Well, this is where things get tricky. The truth is that there isn’t really a set answer to this question. Why not? Because the growth rate can depend on several factors.

Factors Affecting Growth Rate

One important factor is temperature. If your plant is exposed to cold or hot temperatures, then the growth rate will be affected. Another thing to keep in mind is light exposure – if the plant doesn’t get enough sunlight or direct light exposure then it might struggle to grow properly.

The quality of soil and water supply also plays a vital role as these plants thrive best when moist but over watering may lead to root rotting causing stunted or no growth at all.

Caring for Your Baby’s Tears Plant

Now that we know some factors affecting its growth let’s talk about proper care for good results:

Firstly ensure your baby tear gets plenty of natural light with average humidity levels between 50% – 70%. Water frequently but avoid over-watering which could cause root rotting.

As far as fertilizer goes, an application every two weeks during growing season using liquid houseplant feed should suffice

Growing Baby’s Tears requires patience and attention because their growth speed varies depending on environmental conditions. With proper care and maintenance though one can expect lush green bushy plants reminiscent indeed like “tears” fallen by happy babies cheeks.