Growing Barbados Cherry: How Long Does it Take to Harvest?

Barbados Cherry: The Fruit of Paradise

Have you ever heard of the Barbados cherry? This small, vibrant fruit is a tropical paradise in your mouth. It’s also known as Acerola and packs a punch with its tangy yet sweet flavor. But how long does it take to grow this wondrous fruit?

The Growth Cycle

The growth cycle of the Barbados cherry is relatively short compared to other fruits. Typically, from planting a seedling, it takes about two years for the tree to bear fruit. However, some trees may take up to four years before they start producing cherries.

The Climate Factor

Like any plant or tree, climate plays a significant role in its growth rate and yield. The Barbados cherry thrives in warm climates with plenty of sunlight and rainwater.

If you live in an area that experiences colder temperatures or less rainfall throughout the year, it may take longer for your tree to mature enough for fruit production.

Caring for Your Tree

To ensure optimal growth and harvest time for your Barbados cherry tree, proper care is essential.

This includes regular watering during dry periods and pruning during non-fruiting seasons to encourage new growth.

Additionally, fertilizing with nitrogen-rich soil amendments can boost your yield while controlling pests that can damage your crop.


In conclusion, growing Barbados cherries requires patience but pays off handsomely once they start bearing fruits. With proper attention given through things like sufficient water supply and applying fertilizer regularly – plus waiting around two years after planting before harvesting begins so there’s enough time!