Beet Greens: How Long Does It Take to Grow Your Own?

Growing Beet Greens: The Lengthy Process

If you’re a fan of fresh veggies, then the thought of growing your own beet greens might have crossed your mind. But before you dive headfirst into this leafy project, it’s important to know just how long it takes for beet greens to grow from seedling to harvest.

Planting Beet Green Seeds

First things first, let’s talk about planting beet green seeds. These seeds need ample sunlight and moist soil in order to germinate properly. Once planted, expect the seeds to take around 7-14 days to sprout.

Timeframe for Growth

After those initial two weeks pass, the wait is far from over. In fact, it can take anywhere between four and eight weeks for beet greens to reach full maturity – that is if all environmental factors are ideal (i.e., proper watering techniques and plenty of sunshine).

Harvesting Your Greens

So now that you’ve waited several weeks…can you finally harvest your beloved beet greens? Not quite yet! You’ll want them to reach at least six inches in length before removing them from their roots.

The bottom line is that growing beets (and subsequently their greens) takes patience and dedication. While it may seem like a quick process on paper, the reality is much more time-consuming. But trust us when we say that once those juicy leaves are ready for consumption…it’ll all be worth it!