Beetroot Growing 101: How Long Does it Take to Grow Beetroot?

Let’s Talk Beetroot!

Beetroot, a vibrant and earthy vegetable that can jazz up any salad or dish. But how long does it take to grow this beloved root veggie? Let’s dig in and find out!

The Growing Process

The growing process of beetroot starts with planting the seeds. Depending on your climate, you can plant them from early spring until mid-summer. The seeds should be planted about 1 inch deep and 3 inches apart, giving each seedling enough space to thrive.

Now comes the waiting game! It takes about two weeks for the seeds to germinate and pop their little heads above ground. Once they do, it will take around eight weeks for them to mature fully.

Ripe for Picking

When your beetroot has reached maturity, you’ll know by spotting that glorious red hue peeking through the soil. You can begin harvesting when they reach around 1 inch in diameter; however, most people wait until they are around 3-4 inches before picking.

You may be surprised at how quickly these veggies grow once picked! They’ll continue growing even after harvest if left unrefrigerated but should last up to three weeks refrigerated in an air-tight container.

Patiently Waiting

So there you have it – from seedling to ripe beetroot ready for eating is approximately ten weeks give or take a few days depending on various factors such as temperature or weather conditions. While patiently waiting those ten weeks may seem like an eternity, we promise the sweet reward of pulling those plump veggies fresh from your garden will make all that time worth it!