Growing Bleeding Heart Vine: How Long Does it Take and What You Need to Know

The Mythical Bleeding Heart Vine

Have you ever heard of the bleeding heart vine? It’s a sight to behold – with its delicate, heart-shaped flowers in shades of pink and red. But how long does it take for this mythical plant to grow?

Patience is Key

If you’re looking to add the bleeding heart vine to your garden, be prepared for some patience. This beauty takes time to establish itself and start blooming. Typically, it will take around two years before you see any blooms.

A Slow Start

The first year of growth for the bleeding heart vine involves establishing its roots and getting comfortable in its new environment. During this time, you may not notice much growth at all. But don’t worry – this is normal!

Time for Takeoff

Once your bleeding heart vine has successfully settled in after that initial year, it’s time for takeoff! You should begin seeing new growth and eventually buds forming on the vines.

Blooms Galore

After those two years have passed, get ready for an explosion of blooms on your bleeding heart vine! These stunning flowers can last throughout most of the growing season if cared for properly.

Of Course, There are Exceptions

As with any plant or flower, there are always exceptions when it comes to blooming times. Factors such as climate and care can impact how quickly (or slowly) your bleeding heart vine grows.

In Conclusion…Be Patient!

So if you’re thinking about adding a bleeding heart vine to your garden or yard, keep in mind that patience is key. While it may seem like a long wait initially, once those beautiful blooms appear on those whimsical vines…trust us- they’ll be worth every minute!