Chicory: How Long Does it Take to Grow and What You Need to Know

The Curious Case of Chicory Growth

Chicory, with its vibrant blue flowers and bitter leaves, has gained popularity in both the culinary and healthcare worlds. But have you ever wondered how long it takes for chicory to grow? Well, let’s delve into the curious case of chicory growth.

A Slow Start

Firstly, it’s important to note that chicory is a biennial plant – meaning it takes two years to complete its life cycle. In the first year, the plant grows a rosette of leaves close to the ground. This stage can take anywhere from six weeks to three months depending on various factors like soil quality and temperature.

Building Up Steam

Once established, the plant begins growing taller stems and eventually produces flowers during its second year. It’s worth noting that most varieties of Chicory will start blooming in July or August after 90-100 days from seed planting time.

Take Your Pick

The length of time required for chicory growth also depends on what type you’re growing! For example: Radicchio is an Italian variety grown for salads where growers need only wait 60-70 days until harvest while Belgian endive requires up to 150 days before being harvested.

Let Nature Take Its Course

Another factor affecting Chicories’ growth rate is how well they are cared for throughout their life cycle. If given proper care (fertilizer application at regular intervals & sufficient watering) plants may grow faster than those left unattended altogether!

In conclusion: Growing Chicories can be a rewarding experience but patience is key as these plants require plenty of time & attention before coming into full bloom!