How to Grow Chives: Timeframe and Tips for a Thriving Harvest

The Quirky Herb: Chives

If you’re a lover of all things savory, then chives might just be the perfect addition to your herb garden. These thin and elegant leaves pack a punch in terms of flavor, and they are incredibly versatile when it comes to culinary use. But how long does it take for this herb to grow? Let’s explore.

Germination Time

Like most herbs, chives start as seeds that need proper care before they sprout. After planting, the germination process can take anywhere from 7-20 days depending on the temperature and humidity levels.

Growth Rate

Once chives have started growing, their growth rate is quite rapid! With optimal conditions – full sunlight exposure and regular watering – these herbs can reach maturity within 50-60 days after sowing.


Harvesting chives is fairly easy since new growth will continue throughout the season once established. Simply snip off any leaves or flowers as needed at least an inch above ground level using sharp scissors or pruning shears.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it! Growing your own fresh supply of chives only takes around two months to achieve significant results that you can incorporate into your cooking routine. Plus, with such fast growth rates, you’ll always have plenty of delicious flavor-packed seasoning at hand no matter what time of year!