Growing Florist Chrysanthemum: How Long Does It Take to See Results?

The Perplexing Timeline of Growing Florist Chrysanthemum

As a floriculturist, growing Florist Chrysanthemums can be your biggest challenge yet. This flower is not only beautiful but also highly sought after in the floral industry.

But how long does it really take to grow these flowers? Here’s what you need to know:

It All Starts With Planning

Before you start planting the seeds of your Florist Chrysanthemums, planning is crucial. You need to consider factors such as soil pH, temperature requirements for germination and growth, and light exposure.

Once your planning is done, it’s time to plant those seeds!

Germination and Growth Takes Time

The process of germinating chrysanthemum seeds can take anywhere from one week to three weeks depending on the cultivar. Once they have sprouted, expect another 4-6 weeks before transplants are ready for field planting.

The actual growth period varies based on multiple factors like location or climate; however most typically require between 80 – 120 days (12 – 17 weeks).

Therefore growing Florists chrysanthemum requires patience and dedication with consistent care that will ensure healthy blooms later down the road.

Blooming Time Can Vary

Finally! Your hard work has paid off and you now have matured plants ready for blooming. But don’t get too excited just yet about harvesting their first bloom because there are still some issues that may arise especially surrounding environmental conditions like humidity changes which could prompt premature flowering or disrupted production altogether if not addressed properly.

In conclusion:

Growing Florists chrysanthemums takes skillful planning with attention-to-detail during every stage of development until final blooming day arrives when all that effort gets rewarded by an array of brightly colored petals. It may seem daunting at first but embrace the challenges and marvel in your ability to create something so beautiful from seeds!