Grow Your Own Ginkgo Biloba Fruit: How Long Does it Take?

The Curious Case of Ginkgo biloba Fruit: A Timeline

Ginkgo biloba, a tree with more than 200 million years of existence on earth, is revered for its fan-shaped leaves and medicinal properties. But what about the fruit? How long does it take to grow?

The Seed Begins

It all starts with a seed that takes one or two months to germinate in the right conditions. Once planted, it takes roughly three years for a ginkgo tree to reach sexual maturity.

The Blossoming Stage

During springtime, mature trees blossom into either male or female flowers. Males produce pollen in small cones while females have ovules inside their fleshy receptacles.

Pollination Timeframe

For pollination to occur, wind plays an essential role as it carries male pollen grains towards female ovules. This process typically occurs between April and May but can depend on geographical location and weather patterns.

Fruit Growth & Development Phase

After successful fertilization from pollinating events, the fruit begins growing immediately. It will take another five-six months before the greenish-yellow plum-like fruits are fully developed by fall.

Harvesting Period

Finally! After waiting patiently for seven-eight months since pollination began – your crop is ready for harvesting! You can begin collecting ripe fruits from September onwards until early November when they start turning brown due to rotting processes setting in slowly over time if left unpicked too long!

In conclusion, it takes three years of growth plus eight months from pollination till harvest season arrives on average – approximately four years total effort invested just so you could enjoy this unique delicacy that’s been around since prehistoric times – wowzers!