Grow Goyavier Fast: How Long Does It Take to Grow This Superfruit?

The Mysterious Goyavier

Have you ever heard of the goyavier? If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This exotic fruit has been a mystery to many for centuries.

A Brief Introduction

The goyavier is a tropical fruit that originated in South America and quickly spread throughout the world. It’s also known as guava or psidium guajava. The fruit itself is about the size of an apple but with greenish skin and pinkish flesh.

Growing Pains

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this fruit lies in its growth cycle. How long does it take to grow? Well, it depends on several factors like temperature, rainfall, soil quality, and even pollination.

But generally speaking, it takes around 3-4 years for a goyavier tree to start producing fruit. And once it starts bearing fruits, they can continue producing for up to 40 years!

Miracle Fruit

Now let’s talk about the taste – because that’s what really matters right?

Goyaviers are sweet with a slightly musky aroma – some even describe them as having “tropical perfume.” But there’s more! These little fruits pack quite the nutritional punch too! They’re packed with vitamin C (four times more than oranges!) and fiber which means they’re great for maintaining digestive health.


All in all, growing a goyavier isn’t an easy feat but those who do are rewarded with delicious and healthy fruits year after year. So if you happen upon one at your local market or grocer – give it a try! You might be pleasantly surprised by this mysterious little gem!