How to Grow Jujubee Plums: How Long Does It Take?

The Sweet Mystery of Jujubee Plums

Jujubees, jujubes everywhere – these small, sweet and tantalizing fruits have taken the world by storm. They are packed with nutritional benefits while also serving as a delightful addition to any meal or snack. But how long does it take for these beauties to grow? Let’s find out.

Starting from Scratch

When growing jujubees from scratch, the process takes approximately 3-4 years before you can finally see those succulent and juicy plums on your tree. Yes, you read that right! It is not an overnight business like the movies would lead us to believe.

Rootstock Cloning

If we are talking about rootstock cloning – well this is a whole different ball game altogether. You can expect those yummy little treats in just two short years! This technique involves grafting young stems onto established roots which reduces growth time significantly.

Patience is Key

Growing delicious jujubee plums requires some patience and perseverance but trust me it is so worth it when you see those delectable fruits hanging from your lovely tree. Much like everything else in life that brings joy and happiness; good things come to those who wait such as they say!

Climate Matters Too!

Besides having enough patience during the growing process – climate plays a huge role too! These sweethearts thrive best in warm weather climates where summers are hot and dry rather than cool or damp environments resembling autumn or winter seasons.

In conclusion, whether grown through rootstock cloning or starting from scratch – Jujubee plum cultivation may take some time; but once they arrive… be prepared for absolute blissfulness with every bite of their sweet goodness!