Kei Apple Growing: How Long Does it Take to Grow Your Own Kei Apples?

Kei Apples: Time and Patience

Have you ever heard of the Kei Apple? It’s a small, round fruit that grows on a tree native to South Africa. With its bright green skin and tangy taste, it’s no wonder why people are curious about how long it takes to grow.

The Growing Process

Like any fruit tree, the Kei Apple requires time and patience before it can produce juicy fruits. Typically, a newly planted Kei Apple seedling will take around three years before it starts bearing fruit. During this time, the plant needs proper care and attention to establish strong roots and branches.

Environmental Factors

However, there is no set timeframe for growing Kei Apples as environmental factors can also come into play. For instance, if your area experiences low temperatures or prolonged droughts, then the growth rate may be slower than usual.

Soil Quality

Another crucial factor in growing healthy Kei Apples is soil quality. These trees do well in well-drained soils with plenty of organic matter such as compost or manure added in during planting.

Harvesting Your Fruits

Once your Kei Apple tree reaches maturity (around five years old), you can expect to harvest up to 100 fruits per season! These little fruits are usually ready for picking between May and July when they turn yellow-green color.

In conclusion, while there isn’t an exact timeline for growing these tangy delights; with proper care like regular watering & fertilizing along with good soil quality – your patience will pay off when those juicy keis start popping up!