Lakoocha: How Long Does it Take to Grow & What You Need to Know


Have you ever heard of Lakoocha? This intriguing fruit, also known as Monkey Jackfruit or Monkeys’ Breadfruit, is native to Southeast Asia. With its unique flavor and health benefits, it’s no wonder that people are curious about how long it takes to grow this exotic fruit.

Background Information

Lakoocha trees grow up to 20 meters tall and thrive in tropical climates where the temperature ranges between 24°C-32°C. The tree produces clusters of small oval-shaped fruits that range from greenish-yellow to brown when ripe. The fruit has a rough texture on the outside and a creamy flesh inside with a flavor similar to jackfruit.

Growing Process

The growing process for Lakoocha is quite similar to other tropical fruits like mangoes or durians. It starts with planting the seeds in nutrient-rich soil during the rainy season. After about two weeks, seedlings begin to sprout and require regular watering until they reach maturity between six and seven years.

Once matured, the tree can produce up to 1000 fruits per year! However, harvesting can be challenging because of their height – farmers use poles with hooks attached at one end while standing on ladders or platforms.

Time Taken for Growth

The length of time it takes for Lakoocha trees to grow varies depending on different factors such as climate conditions, soil quality, fertilization techniques used by farmers etcetera; but generally speaking: six-seven years before maturation occurs!

This long waiting period may seem daunting but consider all that goes into producing these deliciously healthy treats – every second spent waiting will make each bite all the more worth it!


In conclusion, growing Lakoocha requires patience but rewards those who wait with bountiful harvests full of flavor and nutrients. This fruit has been treasured by Southeast Asian cultures for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. The next time you come across this exotic delicacy, remember all the hard work that went into producing it, making each bite even more special!