How Long Does it Take to Grow Naranjilla Fruit? A Guide for Gardeners

The Mysterious Naranjilla Fruit

Have you ever heard of the Naranjilla fruit? It’s a strange and exotic fruit that is native to South America. Often described as having a tart flavor similar to pineapple or lemon, it has captured the attention of foodies and adventurous eaters all over the world.

But this begs the question: how long does it take to grow this enigmatic fruit?

A Delicate Growing Process

Growing Naranjilla can be quite challenging due to its delicate nature. It requires certain climate conditions and soil type for optimal growth. In addition, it takes between 8-10 months for a Naranjilla plant to produce fruit after being planted from seed.

This means that growing your own supply of these exotic fruits will require patience and careful attention during every step of the process.

Picking at Peak Ripeness

Once matured, knowing when to pick your Naranjillas is crucial in order to ensure they are ripe enough for consumption. Typically, you want them slightly soft with yellowish-orange skin.

Depending on where you live, finding these fruits fresh at your local grocery store may prove difficult because they have such a short shelf life once picked from their plants.

However, if you do manage to get your hands on some fresh ones – savoring their unique flavor profile and trying out different recipes is an absolute must!


It’s no surprise why people are curious about how long it takes for Naranjillas’ growth cycle – its unique taste coupled with its difficult growing circumstances make them something special indeed.

So next time someone asks “How long does it take?” You’ll have all the information needed – from planting seeds carefully through patiently waiting up till picking peak ripeness!