How Long Does it Take to Grow Noni Fruit? A Guide for Home Gardeners

The Enigma of Noni Fruit Growth

Noni fruit, also known as Morinda citrifolia, is a tropical fruit that has gained popularity in recent years due to its numerous health benefits. While the demand for noni fruit continues to skyrocket, many people are left with one burning question: how long does it take to grow noni fruit?

It’s All About the Climate

The growth rate of noni fruit heavily depends on several factors such as climate and soil conditions. Noni trees thrive in warm temperatures between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit and require ample sunshine and rainfall to produce healthy fruits.

Patience is Key

On average, it takes about nine months for a noni tree to reach maturity and start yielding fruits. However, some trees may take up to two years before they can produce any significant harvest.

Harvest Time Varies

Once the tree starts producing fruits, each crop will mature at different times based on various climatic factors such as temperature fluctuations and rainfall patterns. Typically, you can expect your first harvest after six months from the time when the flowers appear.

Preparing for Harvesting

Before harvesting your noni fruits, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First off, ensure that they have fully ripened by checking their color; ripe nonis turn yellow or white with a pungent odor indicating readiness for consumption.


Growing Noni Fruit calls for patience since it’s not an overnight process like most other crops. Ensure that you provide optimal growing conditions by planting them under direct sunlight while maintaining adequate moisture levels throughout their lifespan. With all these measures taken into account plus plenty of TLC (tender loving care), your efforts shall pay off with an abundant harvest!