How Long Does it Take to Grow Runner Beans? The Ultimate Guide

Growing Runner Beans: The Time it Takes

Are you curious about growing runner beans but hesitant because of the time it takes? Well, fret not! Learning about the duration of the process will help you plan and execute your green thumb ambitions.

The Pre-Growing Stage

Before planting those runner bean seeds, what do you need to prepare?

First off, ensure that the soil is ready. Get rid of roots, weeds or rocks and loosen up any compacted areas. This will facilitate strong root growth for your plants.

Secondly, choose a sunny location as these plants thrive in warm conditions with full sunlight access.

Lastly, soak your seeds overnight to ensure they are fully hydrated before planting them into damp soil

This pre-growing stage doesn’t take very long – 1-3 days max!

The Growing Stage

After sowing your runner beans into their preferred environment (moist soil), what happens next?

The first set of leaves typically appears after seven to ten days then followed by additional sets until they reach maturity at around 60-70 days after sowing depending on species grown!

During this period watering is vital as well as providing support through staking or trellising constructs for better plant growth and yield increases respectively.

Don’t forget to regularly check for pests such as aphids which can damage leaves causing an impact on plant health and productivity levels over time if unchecked!

Harvesting Time For Runner Beans

Once harvesting season comes around how long can we expect to wait from flowering til’ harvest-ready pods?

On average, between 50-75 days after flowering will be ready at optimal maturity levels complimenting crisp texture with savory flavors perfect in salads or stir fry dishes alike!

To conclude

There’s no need to feel intimidated when growing runner beans! With proper knowledge of preparation techniques like soaking prior to planting, providing ample sunlight, watering frequently and being mindful of pests like aphids you can successfully enjoy the benefits of a fresh harvest in as little as 60-70 days! Remember that patience is key when it comes to gardening so treat yourself kindly despite any minor setbacks along the way.