Grow Your Own Satsuma Oranges: How Long Does It Take?


Ah, Satsumas. The vibrant, juicy citrus fruit that has the power to transport us straight to a tropical paradise with its sweet aroma and tangy flavor. But have you ever stopped to wonder how long it takes for this delicious treat to grow?

The Growing Process

Well, my friend, it’s quite the journey! Satsuma trees typically take around three years before they start producing fruit. This is because they need time to establish their root system and develop strong branches that can support the weight of those luscious fruits.

Once established, Satsuma trees are relatively low maintenance compared to other citrus varieties. They require consistent watering and fertilization during their growth period but once matured can withstand periods of drought.

During winter months when temperatures drop significantly at night (we’re talking below freezing here), Satsumas go into a dormant state where they stop growing entirely until springtime rolls around again.

The Harvest

Finally, after all that waiting and care-taking, we arrive at harvest season! Depending on where you live in the world or what kind of climate your tree is in (indoor or outdoor), your Satsumas will be ready for picking sometime between October through February.

It’s important not to wait too long though – once Satsumas reach maturity they can quickly become over-ripe if left on the tree for too long!

Once harvested, these little gems keep well in storage cool rooms or refrigerators for up two weeks without significant loss of quality.


So there you have it folks – while patience may be a virtue when it comes to growing your very own batch of fresh Satsumas from scratch… believe us when we say the wait is most definitely worth it!

From seedling…to dormancy…to harvest season – who knew so much went into bringing this tasty treat to our plates? With a little TLC and some patience, you too can enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun intended) when it comes to growing Satsumas.