How Long Does it Take to Grow Sweet Potato? A Comprehensive Guide

Growing Sweet Potato: The Perplexing Timeline

Have you ever asked yourself how long it takes to grow sweet potatoes? You might be surprised at the answer!

Getting Started

First things first – before you can even think about growing sweet potatoes, you need to get your hands on some sweet potato slips. These are small sprouts that have been grown from a matured sweet potato. Once you’ve got them, keep them in a warm and moist area until they’re ready to plant.

Planting Time

When it’s time to plant, make sure the soil is loose and well-draining. Sweet potatoes require plenty of warm sunshine, so choose a spot that gets plenty of light throughout the day. Make holes deep enough for your slips and place each one inside with just the leaves sticking out above ground.

Patience Is Key

Now comes the hard part – waiting for those sweet potatoes to grow! They take quite a while, anywhere from 90-170 days depending on various factors like temperature and moisture levels. It’s crucial during this time to water adequately but not too much; otherwise, they’ll rot instead of growing.

Harvest Time

Once those months have passed by, it will finally be time for harvest! When digging up your sweet potato crop, handle them carefully as their skin is delicate; any cuts or scrapes could lead to infection or decay later on down the line.

In Conclusion…

Growing sweet potatoes can be an exciting experience full of potential surprises along the way (like discovering extra-large specimens), but remember that patience is key when waiting for those tubers to reach maturity. With some tender love and care throughout their lifespan cycle – from planting all through harvesting – you’ll surely reap a bountiful yield.