Swiss Cheese Plant: How Long Does It Take to Grow?

The Swiss Cheese Plant: A Slow and Steady Grower

Are you considering adding a Swiss cheese plant to your indoor garden collection? Well, before you rush off to the nursery, there’s one critical question you need to ask yourself – how long does it take for a Swiss cheese plant to grow?

The Growth Rate of a Swiss Cheese Plant

Firstly, let’s establish that the growth rate of a Swiss cheese plant is not particularly fast. Unlike other houseplants such as spider plants or pothos vines that thrive in low light conditions and can quickly take over any space they’re placed in, the Swiss cheese has more leisurely growth.

Timeframe for Maturity

On average, it takes three to five years for a young swiss cheese vine or cutting to mature into its full glory. During this period, expect slow but steady growth as your plant gathers strength and steadily develops more significant leaves with unique “swiss-cheese” holes.

Factors That Impact Growth Rate

The amount of sunlight exposure plays an essential role in determining how rapidly your swiss cheese will develop. Inadequate lighting may cause stunted growth while excessive sunlight could scorch leaves and hinder progress.

Additionally, temperature fluctuations could also affect development since these tropical rainforest plants prefer warm temperatures above 60°F.

Lastly, providing adequate water without oversaturation is crucial so ensure that you only water when necessary (when the soil feels dry).


In summary, growing a beautiful swiss-cheese plant requires patience and proper care. However; with ample light exposure and consistent maintenance practices on temperature regulation plus watering needs met adequately –you’ll have no problem watching this wonderful species flourish into maturity!