How Long Does it Take to Grow a Velvet Apple?

Velvet Apple: A Fruit Worth the Wait

If you’re a fruit lover, chances are you’ve heard of velvet apples. But have you ever wondered how long it takes for them to grow?

The Seedlings Stage: The Start of It All

Like most fruits, velvet apples start as seedlings. These seedlings take about six months to sprout and reach a height of 15 centimeters. For those who don’t know what a seedling is, it’s essentially a young plant that hasn’t fully developed yet.

The Juvenile Stage: Patiently Waiting

Once the seedling stage is done and dusted, we move onto the juvenile stage which lasts approximately two years! This is where things get interesting because during this phase, the tree doesn’t bear any fruit at all – cue disappointment for some people out there eagerly waiting for their first taste of velvet apple!

Maturity Stage: Finally There!

Finally after two whole years (yes patience truly pays off) we come to the maturity phase- lasting five to six years- where our beloved Velvet Apples finally begin to make an appearance! These trees can be harvested twice yearly usually in June/July or December/January with each tree producing between 200-300 fruits annually.


So if you’re wondering how long it takes to grow Velvet Apples – the answer lies within multiple growth stages over several years from planting your very own seedling through patiently waiting till they mature enough so that they produce delicious fruit. Though it may seem like an eternity before one gets its hands on these tasty treats but trust us when we say this – The wait is well worth it!