How Long Does It Take to Grow a Delicious White Sapote?

The Mysterious White Sapote: How Long Does it Take to Grow?

Are you a fruit lover? Do you like exploring different flavors and textures of fruits that are not so common in the market? If yes, then white sapote is something you must try. This fruit is native to Mexico and Central America but is now widely grown in other parts of the world too. However, before deciding to plant this tree in your backyard, one question might pop up- how long does it take to grow?

Understanding White Sapote

White sapote or Casimiroa edulis belongs to the family Rutaceae and has a thin green skin with creamy-white flesh inside. This unique fruit holds several health benefits such as being rich in Vitamin C and fiber while also aiding digestion.

The best part about growing white sapotes at home is that they require minimal care once established. They can be propagated from seedlings or cutting off branches.

Patiently Waiting for Growth

Coming back to our initial question -how long does it take for the white sapote tree to grow? Well, let us tell you that patience is key when planting these trees! It can take up to 5 years before they start bearing fruits!

Although five years may seem like an eternity when waiting for fresh juicy fruits, remember that good things come with time! And once the tree starts producing fruits regularly, nothing beats their distinct flavor profile.

In conclusion, if you’re willing enough for delayed gratification and ready to invest some time into nurturing your own produce from scratch- then go ahead and plant a white sapote tree today! Just don’t forget your gardening gloves!