How Long Does it Take to Grow Yellow Squash? A Guide for Gardeners

The Quirky World of Growing Yellow Squash

Growing yellow squash can be a wonderful addition to any garden. It’s relatively easy, low maintenance, and produces plenty of tasty vegetables throughout the growing season. But how long does it take for yellow squash to grow? Let’s find out!

Seeds in the Soil

When you plant your yellow squash seeds directly into your garden soil, they will typically take about 40 to 50 days from planting until they are ready to harvest. Now that’s not too shabby!

Starting Indoors

If you decide to start your yellow squash indoors first before transplanting them outside, then expect roughly 35-45 days before you see blossoms appear on the plants.

The Importance of Temperature

To get the most out of your yellow squash crop, make sure that you plant when temperatures are at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit consistently. If colder weather sets in after planting (we’re looking at you temperamental spring!), then it might delay growth til warmer temps hit again.

Harvesting Your Bounty

Once those little squashes start appearing on the vine don’t wait too long or they’ll become tough if left untouched for too many days. Take a quick trip down to check each day or so since growth speeds can vary depending on temperature and other environmental factors like moisture levels or nutrient content within soil quality.

Yellow squash is an excellent option for anyone starting their vegetable gardening journey; plus seeing fresh veggies grow from seed always feels fantastic! With these tips under your belt and our handy guide by your side – go forth and make something delicious!