How To Plant A Propagated Monstera: Tips For Successful Growing


Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is a popular houseplant due to its unique foliage and ease of care. Propagating Monstera deliciosa can be a rewarding experience for any plant enthusiast. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of planting a propagated Monstera deliciosa.

What is Plant Propagation?

Plant propagation refers to the process of reproducing plants by various methods such as seeds, cuttings or division. In simple terms, it’s creating new plants from existing ones.

Choosing Your Cutting

Before starting with propagating your Monstera Deliciosa plant make sure you choose a healthy specimen that has no signs of disease or pests. Look for an aerial root node which should be at least 2-3 inches long and cut just below it.

Preparing The Cutting

After selecting your cutting remove all leaves near the end that is going into the soil. Dip the bottom part of your cutting in rooting hormone powder (optional) then let it dry for a few hours before moving onto next step.

Choosing A Pot And Soil Mix

Choose a pot that has drainage holes so excess water can easily flow out after watering your rooted monstera. For soil mix half perlite and half peat moss to create well-draining but moisture-retentive soil mix which will make sure roots don’t stay too wet or too dry.

Planting The Cutting

Make small holes in prepared soil mixture where each cutting will go about two inches deep and plant them gently without packing down on top like regular gardening because over settling could cause roots damage.
Place newly-planted pots somewhere bright without direct sunlight since they are still quite delicate at this stage; avoid placing these anywhere with drafts or extreme temperatures fluctuations either!

Watering Your Newly Planted Cuttings

Water thoroughly until water comes out from drainage holes in bottom but avoid overwatering as this can rot the cutting. Keep soil moist but not soggy by watering it once every week or when top of soil feels dry.

Caring For Your Newly Planted Monstera Deliciosa

Once your cuttings are planted and watered, all that’s left is to patiently wait for them to root and grow new leaves. Humidity plays a big role in plant growth and development so ensure you cover each pot with plastic wrap or place inside an enclosed propagating box which will retain moisture even after watering.
Make sure they have plenty of light, warmth (ideally around 75°F), and humidity during this time period which could take several weeks depending on environment conditions leading up until next stage- transplanting into their final container!

Transplanting Into Final Container

When the cutting has grown roots about two inches long you should transplant into its final container – usually something larger than previous one used for rooting process! Remember to keep soil mix half perlite / peat moss mixture while adding some slow-release fertilizer such as osmocote granules mixed in before planting. Water immediately after transplanting then continue regular care routine including occasionally mist with water to provide extra moisture levels.


Plant propagation can be a rewarding experience especially if you propagate your own Monstera deliciosa plants! Follow these step-by-step instructions for propagating a Monstera deliciosa from a cutting, choosing the right potting mix, planting it properly, caring for it properly throughout its early stages of growth leading up until transplantation into final container where it will thrive just like any matured plant.