How To Propagate A Fishbone Cactus: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

What is a Fishbone Cactus

A fishbone cactus, or Epiphyllum anguliger, is a species of epiphytic cacti native to Mexico and Central America. Its common name comes from its narrow leaves that resemble the bones of a fish. It has large white flowers with yellow anthers that bloom in late summer and early fall. The flowers are short-lived but have a pleasant scent.


Fishbone cacti can be propagated either by seed or through cuttings taken from mature plants. Propagating by seed requires patience, as it usually takes 1-3 years for seeds to germinate and produce new plants. Taking cuttings is faster, although it may take several months before they are ready to be transplanted into soil.

Propagating From Seed

To propagate fishbone cactus from seed you will need:

• Seeds – Freshly harvested seeds are best for germination

• Containers – Use small pots with drainage holes

• Potting Mix – A mix of 50% perlite and 50% peat moss works well

• Grow Lights – If growing indoors, use grow lights to provide adequate light for healthy growth

• Humidity Tray – Place tray filled with water under containers to increase humidity levels if needed

Fill each container halfway with potting mix, then add two or three seeds on top and gently press them into the soil without covering them completely (they need light exposure in order to germinate). Water lightly until the surface is moistened all around without causing any puddles or runoffs. Place the containers in an area where they will receive indirect sunlight, such as near an east facing window or under grow lights set at 12 hours/day cycle (8 hours dark/4 hours bright). Keep the soil moist but not wet by misting regularly with warm water once every 3-5 days until sprouts appear after about 6 weeks time period; reduce watering afterwards until fully established plants appear (1-3 years depending on quality of soil mixture used). Transplant into larger pots when necessary as roots get bigger over time .

Propagating From Cuttings

To propagate fishbone cactus from cuttings , you will need :

• Cutting material – Take cutting material above second node (joint) on stem section . Choose sections that have plenty of side branches which make suitable rootstock . Remove bottom third portion while leaving upper two thirds intact including nodes & leaves                    
  • Knife/ Secateurs / Pruners – For trimming off excess bits & pieces                                                    
  • Sterile Planting Mediums – Sponge Rockwool cubes , Perlite etc                    
   Potter Pots / Growing Trays                  Host Plant — Source plant which has been established & growing healthily                    • Rooting Hormone ­– This hormone helps root formation process significantly                                       • Water Misting Bottle — To ensure adequate moisture content during propagation process                    
      Instructions:                 Select good stems sections having minimum 2 nodes present plus few sides shoots before taking cutting material out . Trim off lower one third portion using knife/scissors ; meanwhile apply rooting hormone powder onto remaining end portion using cotton swab so that it gets absorbed well within woody tissue layer Make sure there should not be any air pockets while inserting spongy rockwool cube into rooting hole made at end position After inserting cube firmly , dip entire blockage inside container containing medium solution like perlite + water solution Now place this pot / tray setup in warm sheltered spot away from strong winds along with regular watering Ensure adequate moisture content throughout entire duration till visible roots have appeared Once desired results achieved move host plant towards brighter location since these newly formed baby roots still sensitive Therefore protect developing roots against direct sunlight before transplanting them finally outdoors Hope given steps help !