How To Propagate a Goldfish Plant in 8 Easy Steps

What is a Goldfish Plant?

A goldfish plant (Nematanthus gregarius) is an evergreen perennial native to Brazil and Colombia. It has bright green, heart-shaped leaves with distinctive spots reminiscent of a goldfish’s scales. The flowers are small and tubular in shape, usually orange or red in color. This plant prefers indirect sunlight, moist soil, and temperatures between 65⁰F and 80⁰F (18°C – 27°C). It can be grown outdoors as an ornamental groundcover or indoors as a houseplant.

Propagation Methods

The goldfish plant can be propagated through two methods: seed propagation or stem cuttings. Each method has its own advantages; the choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

Seed Propagation

One way to propagate a goldfish plant is by sowing seeds directly into the soil after all danger of frost has passed or started indoors about 8 weeks before transplanting outside when temperatures have warmed up enough for planting outside permanently. Before you sow the seeds you must prepare the area by loosening the topsoil so that it’s warm enough for germination (around 70-90°F). Once prepared, lightly sprinkle them on the surface of potting mix then press down gently but firmly for best results ensuring good contact between seed coat & soil particles — watered very lightly afterwards if needed — keep evenly moist until plants emerge from soil around 10–20 days later – thin out weaker ones as necessary once they reach 2 inches tall so that only strongest survive & thrive in their new home! Leave at least 6 inches between each seedling if possible to give them room to grow. Fertilize regularly during growing season with high nitrogen fertilizer like 20-10-10 NPK ratio type product every 3 months or when flower buds appear for best results! You may need additional protection from slugs/snails if these are present where plants are placed outdoors; use Sluggo® Plus granules around base(s) of each one according your label directions carefully when necessary/desired too!

Stem Cuttings

The second way to propagate a goldfish plant is through stem cuttings taken in springtime just before new growth starts taking place; make sure cutting includes both leaves & stems together using sharp scissors dipped into rubbing alcohol beforehand – this helps prevent spread of diseases while keeping cuts clean at same time! Place them immediately into rooting hormone powder mixture following package instructions – set aside 4–6 hours prior planting individual pieces individually into pots filled with pre-moistened potting mix either regular store bought variety made specifically for indoor container gardening purposes OR homemade mixture equal parts peat moss + vermiculite+ perlite combination works great too! Water thoroughly afterwards making sure there’s no pooling water left behind because excess moisture will cause rot instead helping much desired root formation process take place successfully over next few weeks ahead — provide ample amounts indirect light during this period but avoid direct sun rays shining onto delicate foliage otherwise burning takes place quickly leaving scorched appearance behind not looking nice whatsoever nor performing well either unfortunately… Lastly remain patient throughout entire process since success rate varies depending upon many factors such humidity levels available inside room chosen location etcetera so don’t expect immediate results overnight rather look forward slower gradual progress taking its course gradually increasing chances ultimate survival rates along way too especially amongst novice gardeners first starting off learning ropes here though eventually get hang things eventually become pro soon enough 🙂