How To Propagate A Peace Lily: Step-By-Step Guide For Successful Growth

Peace lilies are one of the most popular houseplants, and for good reason. They require minimal care and maintenance, produce beautiful white flowers, and even purify the air in your home. One of the best things about peace lilies is their ability to propagate quickly and easily. Propagation refers to creating new plants from existing ones. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to propagate a peace lily using various methods.

What is propagation?

Propagation involves taking cuttings or pieces from an existing plant and growing them into new plants. It’s a great way to expand your garden or share plants with friends without having to spend money on new ones at the nursery.

Propagation can be done through several different techniques that include:

– Division: Separating crowded root systems into individual sections.
– Cuttings: Snipping off leaves, stems or roots from a parent plant.
– Layering: Burying stems of a parent plant until they form their own roots.
– Grafting: Joining two different species together so they grow as one.

How To Propagate A Peace Lily

Peace lilies can be propagated by division or stem cuttings.

Division Method:

1) Begin by removing the parent plant from its pot carefully
2) Look for natural divisions within the root system (a clump of 3-4 stalks will have developed)
3) Using clean scissors remove each section gently
4) Plant each section in a well-draining potting mix with plenty of organic matter added
5) Water thoroughly

Cutting Method:

1) Select mature leaves/stems that have nodes which mean little bumps along where you prefer cutting it.
2) Using sterilized shears make cuts just below selected node; then remove any lower leaves leaving only few at top end only
3) Insert cuttings into moistened soil mixture (50/50 peat moss & perlite works fine)
4) Cover container securely with plastic bag or wrap and keep it away from direct sunlight. The humidity inside the bag must be high as this will help to prevent wilting.
5) After a month, remove the cover, check for roots starting to appear on your cutting/leaf tips. If there is root development you can begin watering regularly


Peace lilies are easy to propagate using division or stem cuttings methods. With proper care and attention, these new plants will grow quickly into beautiful additions to your garden or home decor! Don’t forget that peace lilies thrive in moist soil but must have drainage holes; too much water stagnation can cause root rot leading eventually to plant death. Propagating plants is an excellent way for gardeners of all levels to save money while enjoying the satisfaction of growing their own plants from scratch!