How To Propagate A Staghorn Fern: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Staghorn ferns are unique and intriguing plants that can add a touch of tropical charm to any home or garden. These epiphytes are known for their distinctive, antler-like fronds and their ability to grow on trees or in soil. If you’re looking to expand your staghorn fern collection, propagation is an excellent option.

Propagation is the process of creating new plants from existing ones. There are several ways to propagate a staghorn fern, including division, spore reproduction, and vegetative propagation.


One of the easiest ways to propagate a staghorn fern is through division. This method involves separating the plant into smaller sections that each have their own root system. To divide a staghorn fern:

1. Choose a mature plant with multiple crowns (frond clusters).
2. Carefully remove the plant from its pot or mounting board.
3. Gently separate each crown by cutting through any connecting rhizomes with a sharp knife or pruning shears.
4. Plant each separated crown in its own pot or mount.

It’s essential not to damage the rhizomes while dividing your plant as this can cause infection and stunt growth.

Spore Reproduction

Staghorn ferns reproduce via spores instead of seeds like most other plants do. Spores are tiny reproductive structures found on the undersides of mature fronds that look like brown spots or bumps.

To propagate using spores:

1. Collect ripe spores by gently shaking them off onto paper towels.
2.Transfer collected spores into small containers filled with clean sand mixed with peat moss and perlite.
3.Mist container lightly every day until new growth appears; this may take up 6 months as Stag horn Ferns grow very slowly.
4.After six months when they start growing transfer it in bigger pots/mounting boards where it gets enough light/air flow which makes them thrive better.

Vegetative Propagation

Finally, vegetative propagation involves taking cuttings from a mature staghorn fern and planting them to develop into new plants. This method is more challenging than division or spore reproduction but can yield impressive results.

To propagate using vegetative methods:

1. Select a healthy frond that has several twigs growing off of its basal plate.
2. Cut the frond off at its base with clean pruning shears.
3.Plant it in the soil or mounting board where you want your new plant to grow
4.Water it sufficiently for moisture retention.

It’s essential to remember that Stag horn Ferns are slow-growing plants, so propagating may take longer than expected as they have their own time frame for everything like sprouting etc..

In conclusion, propagating a staghorn fern isn’t difficult if you follow these steps carefully and patiently. While each method takes time and care, the reward of watching a new plant grow from an original one is worth it!