How To Propagate A Thanksgiving Cactus: Step By Step Instructions

Overview of Thanksgiving Cactus

Thanksgiving cacti, also known as Schlumbergera truncata or Zygocactus truncatus, are a popular species of succulent that are often grown indoors. The stems on these plants are easily recognizable for their flattened segments with sharp points and the colorful flowers that bloom in the fall. These festive looking plants make great houseplants and can last for many years with proper care. If you have an existing Thanksgiving cactus plant, then propagating it is an easy way to create new plants without having to purchase more seedlings from a nursery or store.

Materials Needed

In order to propagate your Thanksgiving cactus, you will need several supplies: pruning shears, rooting hormone powder (optional), small pots or containers filled with potting soil and some plastic wrap. You may also want to have some labels handy so that you can keep track of which cutting belongs to which parent plant.

Steps To Propagate Your Plant

Here are the steps needed for propagating your Thanksgiving cactor:

1) Start by using pruning shears to carefully snip off healthy stem segments from the main plant – each segment should be about 3-4 inches in length – being sure not to damage any other parts of the plant in the process.. Additionally, if desired; dipping these cuttings into rooting hormone powder before planting them will increase your chances of success when propagating your cacti!

2) Next up; place each cutting into separate pots filled with moist potting soil – making sure each one is firmly planted but not too deep or shallowly placed within its container.. Additionally; pressing down around each cutting’s base while gently tamping down on its surrounding soil mix – ensuring there aren’t any large air pockets near it!

3) After this has been done; use plastic wrap or something similar like saran wrap over top of the pot(s). This will help maintain humidity levels around those cuttings until they root properly – usually taking anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on temperature conditions & how established/strong they already were prior!

4) Lastly; water regularly (when necessary) – keeping both their original motherplant & newly rooted pups at similar moisture levels throughout propagation period so as not too stress either out due differences between them during such transitionary phase(s).


Propagating a thanksgiving cactu isn’t difficult but does require patience and attention along every step of its process so as best ensure successful results come fruition time!. By following all directions listed here correctly though – anyone can confidently reproduce additional copies themselves regardless whether gifted green thumb status was ever present before now 🙂