How To Propagate Alocasia Regal Shield: A Step-By-Step Guide


Alocasia regal shield is a type of evergreen perennial plant, known for its stunning foliage and striking colors. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique beauty and easy care requirements. Propagating alocasia regal shield is a great way to increase your collection or share with friends and family. There are several propagation methods that can be used with this plant, including division, stem cuttings, air layering, and leaf cuttings. This blog post will discuss each method in detail so you can decide which one works best for you!


Division is the easiest way to propagate alocasia regal shield plants since it does not require any special tools or equipment. The process involves carefully separating the offsets (small clumps of roots) from the main root mass of an existing mature plant. Each offset should have at least two sets of leaves and some roots in order for it to successfully grow into a new plant. Once divided, the offsets should be replanted in separate containers filled with well-draining potting soil mix suitable for congested root growth. Be sure not to overwater newly planted divisions as they may rot if too much moisture remains around their delicate roots!

Stem Cuttings

Another propagation technique suitable for alocasia regal shields is stem cuttings; however this method requires more skill than division as there’s no room for error when taking cuttings from such small plants! To do this correctly first use sterilized scissors or sharp knife to take four-inch lengthwise sections off near the crown (top) of an already established adult Alocasia regal shield specimen; then dip each cutting into rooting hormone before planting them directly into moist potting soil mix specifically designed for corms/tubers/rhizomes—this will provide optimal growing conditions during early stages of development! When transplanting be sure keep all new stems at least three inches apart from one another so adequate air circulation can occur between them; also water lightly but consistently until signs of new growth appear—which usually takes 1-4 weeks depending on environmental factors like temperature & humidity levels inside home/garden environment where these young plants reside!!

Air Layering & Leaf Cuttings

Two other forms of propagations that work well with Alocasia Regal Shields are Air Layering & Leaf Cuttings – both processes requiring slightly different techniques yet still producing desirable results when done correctly! For Air Layerring: choose healthy stems on parent specimens that have plenty surrounding aerial roots–wrap plastic sheeting around chosen section tightly+securely using twist ties–fill bottom half container w/ damp spagnum moss + place potted rooted cutting onto top part&cover entire pot once again leaving only top exposed–finally water regularly being careful not Overwater!! As far as Leaf Cutttngs go: select plump green leaves w healthy veins running through center then slice pieces no larger than 2 inches – dip ends into Rooting Hormone & Place directly onto prepared medium such as peat moss + perlite mixture – cover partially w clear plastic bag tied securely shut @ top creating mini greenhouse effect which helps retain moisture levels while promoting faster root formation underneath surface…once Sprouts Appear remove covering slowly transitioning New Plantlets over course few days towards full sun exposure outdoors!!!

In conclusion, there are many ways to propagate Alocasia Regal Shield plants depending on desired outcome and experience level needed by individual gardener(s). Whichever method you decide upon make sure follow instructions closely taking extra precautions such avoiding overwatering young seedlings + always remember give each Its Own Unique Space whereby ample amounts light+air movement Can help ensure successful growth rates throughout duration season(s)!