How To Propagate Angel Wings Caladium: The Complete Guide

Introduction to Angel Wings Caladium

Angel wings caladium is a beautiful and vibrant species of the caladium family. The foliage of angel wings caladium has distinct white veins that creates an interesting pattern on its leaves. Its heart shaped, glossy green leaves are often spotted with pink or red splashes throughout. The unique color combination and intricate patterns make it one of the most sought-after houseplants among plant enthusiasts.

Propagation Methods for Angel Wings Caladium

Propagating angel wings caladium can be done through three methods: division, cuttings, or seed propagation. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed in detail below to help you decide which method would be best for your needs.


Dividing angel wings caladium is a simple way to create more plants from existing ones without having to buy new bulbs or seeds each time you want to grow additional plants. This process involves carefully digging up the rootball, then separating pieces of it into multiple sections with roots intact in each section before replanting them in their own pots with fresh soil so they can continue growing into mature plants again over time. It’s important not to damage any of the delicate roots when doing this as it could hinder their growth potential later on down line!