How To Propagate Calathea: Mastering The Art Of Plant Cloning

Calathea plants are popular for their striking foliage and unique patterns. Propagating this plant is a great option to expand your collection or share with friends. In this blog post, we will explore the methods of propagating calathea plants.

What is propagation?

Propagation refers to the process of creating new plants from existing ones. There are different ways in which this can be done, including cuttings, division, layering or seed sowing.

Propagation of Calathea by Division

One common method of propagating calathea is through division. This technique involves separating parts of a mature plant and repotting them as individual plants. The best time to divide your calathea plant is during spring when it’s actively growing.

Here’s how you can propagate Calathia by division:

1) Carefully remove the entire plant from its pot.
2) Locate any natural divisions in the root system where separate shoots have started.
3) Gently pull apart these sections making sure each has enough roots attached to support itself.
4) Prepare pots filled with well-draining soil mix.
5) Place each segment into an individual pot and water thoroughly.

Propagation of Calathea by Stem Cuttings

Another way to propagate calathea is through stem cuttings. This method requires taking a piece of stem from an established plant and rooting it in potting compost until it develops roots and grows new leaves around four weeks later.

Here’s how you can propagate Calathia by stem cutting:

1) Take 6-inch long cuttings that have at least two nodes
2) Remove all but the top pair leaves on each cutting
3) Dip ends into rooting hormone powder
4) Plant into moistened soil-filled pots or trays
5) Cover with clear plastic bags or domes making sure there’s ample room for air circulation
6 ) Keep out direct sunlight & check regularly for watering needs

Propagation of Calathea by Rhizomes

Calathea’s underground stem, called a rhizome, is another method you can use to propagate the plant. This technique involves removing and repotting rhizomes from an established plant into new pots.

Here’s how you can propagate Calathia by rhizomes:

1) Remove your mature Calathia from its pot
2) Carefully remove soil around the base of the plant using a trowel
3) Locate a healthy looking rhizome with one or more leaves attached
4) Cut this section off with sterilized scissors and remove any damaged parts
5) Plant each intact piece in well-draining soil mix in individual pots
6) Water thoroughly

Bottom Line

In conclusion, propagating calatheas is easy and fun. With proper care and attention, your new plants will grow rapidly. The best time to do it is during spring when they are at their peak growth phase. Whether it’s through division, cuttings or planting rhizomes, propagating calatheas allows for exponential growth within your collection!