How To Propagate Cilantro From Cuttings: A Step-By-Step Guide

Overview of Cilantro

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herb that’s native to the Mediterranean region, but has spread to many other areas. It’s widely used throughout the world in cuisines like Latin American, Asian, and Indian cooking. The leaves and stems of cilantro have a unique flavor that can be described as both pungent and citrusy. Cilantro is also well known for its health benefits, including its high levels of antioxidants which help protect against disease. While fresh cilantro from a grocery store or farmers market will last several days when stored properly in the refrigerator, propagating your own plants from cuttings is easy and allows you to enjoy this delightful herb all year round!

Propagation Steps

1. Choose healthy stems with at least four inches long on each branch with no signs of wilting or discoloration. Cut these stems right below a node (where leaves meet the stem). Remove any lower leaves off the stem so there are only 2-3 leaves left on top.

2. Place these cuttings into water containers filled with room temperature water; make sure that no more than one-third of each cutting is submerged in water at once as too much exposure can cause root rot over time. Change out the water every 3-4 days until roots start appearing – this should take about 1–3 weeks depending on conditions such as humidity levels and temperature for optimal growth conditions for root formation process .

3. Once roots appear on your cuttings it’s time to transplant them into soil rich potting mix in separate pots; make sure you keep watering regularly to ensure proper growth – cilantros need moist yet not overly wet soil otherwise they risk getting root rot due pest infestation or fungal diseases caused by excessive moisture surrounding their roots system!

4: After approximately two months after planting , you should start seeing new shoots emerge above ground level typically around late spring/early summertime – now it’s time harvest some delicious fresh cilantros! Be sure not to harvest too much during one go since it needs regular harvesting while still allowing enough plant material left behind undisturbed growing environment so it keeps producing longer lasting period full flavor – use scissors snip off individual sprigs rather than taking whole branches out all together whenever possible if needed prevent damaging overall balance existing plant structure unnecessarily !


With just a few simple steps, anyone can successfully propagate their own cilantro plants from cuttings! With proper care and attention, your new plants should produce plenty of flavorful foliage throughout most seasons – making them ideal additions to any garden space or kitchen windowsill alike! Just remember: always choose healthy looking stems for best results; give them adequate sunlight; keep them watered but not overwatered; fertilize regularly according too label instructions if necessary ; And don’t forget about routine harvesting yes definitely keep enjoying those flavorful goodnesses soon come up after propagation progress complete successfully!