How To Propagate Columbine: Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Columbine, also known as Aquilegia, is a beautiful perennial flower that comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Propagating columbine can be done by seeds or cuttings. In this blog post, we will discuss how to propagate columbine through both methods.

Propagating Columbine from Seeds:

Step 1: Collecting the Seeds

The first step in propagating columbines from seeds is collecting them. Allow the flowers to mature fully on the plant until they start to dry out and turn brown. Once this happens, remove them from the stem and place them in a paper bag for safekeeping.

Step 2: Preparing Your Soil

Columbines prefer well-drained soil with organic matter added to it. Fill your pots with seed-starting mix for best results.

Step 3: Sowing Your Seeds

Sow your seeds directly into pots or trays filled with seed-starting mix at least six weeks before your last expected frost date in springtime. Lightly cover each seed with about an inch of soil.

Step 4: Watering Your Seedlings

Once you have sown your seeds, give them water but make sure not to overwater since too much moisture can cause molds or fungi growths which could kill off young plants before they even establish roots properly!

Propagating Columbine From Cuttings:

If you don’t want to wait for months for new plants propagated from seedlings, then taking cuttings are an excellent method of propagation that takes less time than starting seeds – just be careful when handling scissors because these little guys can be very fragile during cutting process! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Preparing Cuttings

Choose healthy stems that have several nodes present on them; those nodes are where leaves attach themselves onto branches/stems so when taken correctly into consideration these areas may sprout new roots once trimmed back slightly.

Step 2: Cutting

Using a clean and sharp pair of scissors, cut the stem just below where the leaves attach to it. Make sure you only take off around a quarter-inch of growth from each stem.

Step 3: Inserting Cuttings into Soil

Once all your cuttings have been prepared, carefully place them in pots filled with soil that contains peat moss or vermiculite mixed in for proper drainage before watering lightly so as not to drown newly propagated columbine plants!


Propagating columbine isn’t difficult; it just has to be done at the right time of year when seeds are matured or when stems are most likely to grow roots after being taken correctly into consideration. With enough patience and care, you can quickly propagate beautiful plants ready for display in any garden!