How To Propagate Crown Of Thorns: A Step-By-Step Guide


Crown of thorns is a flowering plant known for its dramatic blooms. It’s an attractive, low-maintenance option for those looking to add color and texture to their garden. While it can be grown from seeds, propagating crown of thorns through cuttings is the easiest way to grow more plants. In this blog post, we will discuss how to propagate crown of thorns in detail so that you can easily add these beautiful flowers to your own garden.

Choose Healthy Cuttings

The first step in propagating crown of thorns is choosing healthy cuttings from which new plants will grow. Look for stems with at least 2 or 3 sets of leaves and no signs of disease or damage. Make sure you use sharp scissors or pruning shears when taking your cuttings so as not to damage the stem tissue any further than necessary. Take multiple cuttings just in case some don’t take root; this also helps ensure that you have plenty of plants once they start growing!

Preparing The Cuttings

Once you’ve chosen your optimal cutting(s), prepare them for rooting by removing any leaves on the lower half inch portion of the stem and dipping it into powdered rooting hormone (available at most gardening stores). This helps stimulate root production and encourages faster growth once planted – essential if you want your new plants ready by next summer! Once prepped, place each cutting into a small pot containing well-draining soil mix suitable for cactus/succulents (you can find these mixes online or at most gardening stores). Water lightly until moist but not soggy before placing them out of direct sunlight and away from windy areas; this helps prevent shock while allowing roots time to develop without overheating due over exposure to sun or drying out too quickly due strong winds.

Rooting & Transplanting

After 1-3 weeks, check the pots periodically by gently tugging on each cutting; if it resists then there are likely established roots present meaning it’s time transplant each rooted cutting into individual 4-6 inch pots filled with same well draining soil mix used during preparation stage – again water lightly after planting until moist but not soggy prior moving back indoors/outdoors depending on climate location/time year – optional stake may help keep upright as grows taller usually within month(s) . During warmer months consider providing extra shade especially during peak hours midday sun since even though cacti like bright light too much intense exposure could scorch delicate foliage . Also make sure provide adequate water weekly when top layer soil dry about finger deep however avoid overwatering which cause rot be careful watch out fungal diseases well maintain healthy garden !

Propagation via Crown Of Thorns isn’t complicated process long know follow above steps correctly practice patience reap reward stunningly vibrant flower show few months down line ! Just remember choose strongest healthiest specimens , prep accordingly , provide proper care throughout entire duration , enjoy beauty hard work result producing your very own exotic tropical bloomer season come around .