How To Propagate Donkey Tail Succulent: A Step-By-Step Guide!

What is a Donkey Tail Succulent?

A donkey tail succulent, also known as Burro’s Tail or Sedum morganianum, is an exotic evergreen perennial with thick trailing stems that grow from a central root. The stems are covered in fleshy leaves which can range in color from green to blue-gray and feature unique looking bumps. It blooms bright pink flowers during the summer months and prefers full sun to partial shade. This type of succulent is native to Mexico and Guatemala but has become popular in many parts of the world due to its unique form and appearance.

Propagation Basics

Propagation is the process of creating new plants through various methods such as seed sowing, stem cuttings or division of existing plants. When it comes to propagating donkey tail succulents, the most common method used is through stem cuttings because this allows for easy propagation without having to wait for seeds germination time which can be quite lengthy.

Step by Step Guide

1) Start by selecting healthy stems that have at least two sets of leaves on them; these will be your “cuttings” for propagation purposes. Be sure to choose ones with no signs of disease or pests before you start cutting them off from their mother plant (this helps ensure healthy growth).

2) With sterilized pruning shears or sharp scissors, snip off each stem near where it joins with its parent plant—be sure not leave any stubs behind if possible! Once done, set aside your cuttings somewhere they won’t get disturbed while you prepare their new home.

3) Fill up a small pot with well-draining cactus soil mix (or another soil specifically created for growing succulents/cacti). If using regular potting soil instead, make sure it contains at least 20% sand/vermiculite/perlite & 10% peat moss so roots won’t rot easily when watered too much!

4) Place each cutting into its own small hole approximately half way down into the soil mixture—roots should remain above ground level but below where leaves begin sprouting outwards from stem’s base point; press gently around edges so everything stays intact once planted firmly inside soil bedding material provided earlier on step three above–don’t forget about giving adequate spacing between plants too so air circulates freely throughout area!

5) Cover entire surface area lightly either with more cacti mix layers OR some fine clear gravel directly overtop each individual planting site – this helps retain moisture whilst keeping away possible weed competitors nearby during early growth stages until better established later down road ahead… etcetera etcetera et al…

6) Water thoroughly after all steps mentioned thus far – preferably use room temperature water whenever possible – afterwards place container somewhere indoors near natural light source like window sill OR outside patio balcony sheltered bayside areas under trees however do remember direct exposure might scorch young foliage over long periods spent outdoors unprotected against blazing sunrays affecting redheads prone burning tanning skin types alike ;-> anyway moving along swiftly now onwards…etcetera et al…ad infinitum…

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