How To Propagate Dragon Tree: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Dragon Tree, scientifically known as Dracaena marginata, is a popular houseplant that can add an exotic element to any indoor space. With its tall and slender stem topped with striking green foliage, it’s no wonder why this tropical plant has become a favorite among many plant enthusiasts. If you’re looking to propagate your Dragon Tree and grow more of these fabulous plants for your home or garden, here are some helpful tips.

Propagating from Cuttings

One of the easiest ways to propagate your Dragon Tree is through stem cuttings. First, choose a healthy branch that’s at least six inches long with plenty of leaves towards the top. Using clean pruning shears or scissors, make a sharp cut just below one of the nodes (where leaves meet the stem) at an angle.

Next, remove any lower leaves near the bottom end of the cutting – this will prevent them from rotting in soil later on. You can also dip the end into rooting hormone powder before placing it into moist potting soil.

Finally, keep your new cutting moist but not too wet as it begins to root over time – ideally around 60-70% humidity is perfect for propagation success! You may want to cover it with plastic wrap loosely or use a mini greenhouse until roots have formed.

Propagating via Air Layering

Another technique you could employ is air layering with sphagnum moss and clear plastic wrap using pots filled with good quality potting soil mix for support once rooted.

This method involves making small cuts on an existing branch about halfway between two nodes using sharp gardening tools like pruners. Scrape away some bark without removing all layers so that exposed cambium tissue remains intact then pack dampened moss around area tightly before wrapping entire section in see-through film secured by twist ties until rooting occurs which typically takes several months depending on temperature conditions and plant vigor.

Propagating from Seeds

While it’s less common, you can also propagate Dragon Trees from seed. First, obtain fresh seeds either by harvesting them yourself or purchasing them online. These seeds should be sown in springtime or early summer in a suitable growing medium that is moist but not overly wet to avoid rotting. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or a clear dome lid to maintain humidity and set in bright indirect light until germination occurs which could take anywhere between 4-12 weeks.

Once your new plants have sprouted keep them under additional grow lights if needed for optimal growth and development before transplantation into their permanent pots.


In conclusion, propagating your very own Dragon Tree can be an exciting experience that leads to more beautiful plants added to your collection! Whether you prefer stem cuttings, air layering or sowing seeds – there are many methods available depending on your personal preferences and skill level as a gardener. With time and patience plus these tips mentioned above will give you the best chance of success when propagating this amazing houseplant at home!