How To Propagate Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plants: A Step-By-Step Guide


Fiddle-leaf figs (or ficus lyrata) are a popular houseplant that can add a beautiful, exotic touch to any room. Although they’re notoriously difficult to care for, propagating them is actually quite simple. Propagation is the process of taking small pieces and re-growing them into new plants – it’s an excellent way to quickly increase the number of your beloved fiddle-leaf figs with minimal effort! In this post, we will discuss how to propagate your own fiddle-leaf figs from stem cuttings.

Choose Your Parent Plant

To begin propagation, you should start with a healthy parent plant in order to ensure success. Look for leaves that are bright green and firm instead of wilted or yellowing ones. When selecting a stem cutting from your parent plant, try taking one from near the bottom as these tend to have better root growth than those taken higher up on the tree. Additionally, make sure there are at least two leaves attached so that the cutting has enough energy stored for successful rooting once transplanted.

Preparing The Stem Cutting

Once you have chosen which stem cutting you would like to use for propagation, it needs some preparation before being planted in soil or water:

1) Cut off any extra foliage like large leaves or buds at the base of the stem; this will help reduce stress on the cutting while it acclimates itself in its new environment during propagation

2) Trim away damaged exterior portions of bark; if left unchecked these areas could become entry points for fungal infections which could damage rooted cuttings

3) Dip freshly cut ends into rooting hormone; this will help stimulate root growth when planted

4) Place stems into either water or potting soil depending on what type of medium was chosen as part submersion technique works best when propagating Ficus Lyrata
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