How To Propagate A Guava Tree Cutting: A Step-By-Step Guide

What is Guava Tree Propagation?

Guava tree propagation is the process of growing new guava trees from existing parent plants. This method involves taking cuttings, or small branches, from a mature guava tree and rooting them in soil to produce a new plant. It’s an economical way to grow more guavas without having to purchase seeds or seedlings.

Why You Should Propagate Guava Trees

Propagating your own guavas can have many benefits: it’s cheaper than buying pre-grown plants; it allows you to control which varieties are grown in your garden; and most importantly, rooted cuttings will be identical clones of the parent plant, so you know exactly what kind of fruits they will bear!

How To Propagate Guava Tree Cutting

The process for propagating a guava cutting starts with selecting the right branch for rooting. Look for healthy branches that are about 10 inches long and less than ½ inch thick at their base (near the trunk). Cut just below where leafy growth begins on the stalk – this area should contain lots of root hormones (auxins) that help promote root development. Remove any leaves from lower 6 inches on all sides as well as any flower buds before planting.

Next comes preparing the cutting for planting – dip its base into some wet rooting hormone powder like IBA or NAA for 1-3 minutes before planting in freshly moistened potting mix such as 2 parts peat moss & 1 part perlite/grit/vermiculite etc.. Keep soil temperature warm while waiting for roots to form (around 75ºF / 24ºC). Place pots inside bright light location but not direct sunlight until rooting has occurred after which they can be moved outdoors gradually over 7-10 days period time depending upon weather conditions till full establishment takes place over several weeks period time during which regular watering needs must also be met until desired results occur.

Once roots have developed (usually 8–12 weeks), transplant each rooted cutting into its own pot filled with well-draining soil mixture suitable for fruit trees i.e., consisting mostly compost & sand along with few other organic materials if needed specifically according type being grown indoors/outdoors respectively – water lightly then keep evenly moist but not soggy otherwise fungal diseases may develop quickly leading poor health states eventually causing death due lack proper care initially taken up in beginning stages only! Finally move potted guavas out into permanent areas either directly outdoors once temperatures become consistently warmer enough OR under greenhouses protection first whichever suits situation best accordingly afterwards maintaining healthy conditions through judicious application fertilizers including insecticides when necessary too every now again especially while young still maturing status regardless whether choosing propagate using cuttings technique quite easy consider compared others available options there today though no matter method used one thing’s sure if done properly delicious fruits definitely enjoyed season coming yummmm…