How To Propagate Hellebores: A Step-by-Step Guide

What Are Hellebores?

Hellebores, also known as Lenten roses or Christmas roses, are part of the Ranunculaceae family and originate from Central Europe and North Africa. These plants have a long history of use in medicine and folklore, often being used to stop bleeding and bring luck. They come in many colors such as white, pink, yellow, purple, greenish-yellow or even deep red. In addition to their beautiful blooms that bloom from late winter until early springtime each year they also make attractive foliage for gardens year round.

Propagating Hellebores

Propagation is an important component of gardening; it allows you to increase the number of plants you have without having to purchase them again from a nursery. There are two main ways that hellebore can be propagated: division and seed collection/propagation.


The most common way to propagate hellebore is through division which refers to splitting off a section of an existing plant’s root system with several shoots attached (known as crown divisions). This should be done when the plant has become too large or starts looking sparse due to overcrowding at its base. To divide hellebore first remove any weeds near the base of the plant then carefully dig around its roots using either your hands or a spade/shovel depending on size/amount needed for divisions (the aim here is not damage any roots). Separate out sections with well developed growth buds into individual clumps that can be replanted elsewhere in another spot within your garden – these will soon put on new growth if planted correctly! It’s best practice when dividing these plants that all pieces left over have some roots attached so they can take root easily once transplanted else where– otherwise try rooting them directly in soil if possible before transplanting further away afterwards if necessary! A light application of fertilizer after planting will help get them established quickly too but care needs taken not burn delicate young stems with overly powerful chemical concoctions since this could kill entire clumps instead!

Collecting Seeds

Another way how one may choose propagate their own helleborus indoors during winter months by collecting seeds – usually quite easy process provided there aren’t cats around wanting nibble away at ripe fruits growing off those clusters flowers earlier summer period! All need do pick dried up capsules containing tiny dark seeds inside each capsule itself (use gloved hands!) Then spread evenly onto compost surface moistened down beforehand wait few weeks later window sills start popping out little seedlings – ensure providing enough light conditions imitate natural environment much possible (not forgetting regular watering schedule!). If still unsure about taking risk home propagation perhaps better option stick buying ready grown specimens nurseries nearby who stock wide variety sizes shapes types available fit space requirements easily neatly affordably no fuss whatsoever…