How To Propagate Heuchera: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

Heuchera, commonly known as coral bells, is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants that are native to North America. These plants are popular for their attractive foliage and small bell-shaped flowers that bloom on tall stalks during the summer months. Propagating heuchera can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for any gardener. In this blog post, we will discuss how to propagate heuchera.

What is propagation?

Propagation is the process of growing new plants from existing ones by using various techniques such as seed germination, division or cutting. Propagation can be done in many ways depending on the plant species and its requirements.

1) Division

Division is a common method used to propagate heuchera. It involves separating the clump into smaller sections with shoots attached to each section or individual plantlets at root base, which can then be replanted elsewhere.

To divide heuchera:

– Choose healthy parent plants with plenty of growth.
– Gently remove them from soil without damaging roots.
– Separate clumps into smaller sections keeping multiple shoots in each section if possible.
– Plant individual divisions in suitable soil conditions with adequate spacing between them.

Dividing your Heucheras every few years not only helps control their size but also improves overall health and vigor while allowing you to multiply your collection!

2) Stem cuttings

Another way to propagate heucheras is through stem cuttings. This method requires taking a cutting from a mature Heuchera plant and planting it in rooting hormone before placing it into well-draining potting soil until roots have formed (usually within six weeks).

To create stem cuttings:

– Locate healthy stems near bottom third of parent plant
– Cut just below first node (where leaves attach)
– Remove lower leaves so 2/3rds length remains
– Dip end in rooting hormone powder
– Place cutting upright in potting mix ensuring good contact between media & cutting base
– Enclose it with plastic bag to maintain humidity around cutting.

Rooting hormone can be found in most garden centers or online. Once the roots have formed, the new plantlet can then be transplanted into its permanent location.

3) Seed germination

Propagating heucheras from seed is another method that requires patience and attention, but it is rewarding because of the variety of colors and shapes produced through hybridization.

To propagate Heuchera by seeds:

– Sow seeds during late winter or early spring indoors.
– Fill a tray with potting mix and moisten soil.
– Spread seeds evenly on surface.
– Cover tray with clear plastic wrap or a dome lid to retain moisture until they germinate.
– Place in warm area where temperature remains between 60°F (15°C) -70°F (21°C).
– After about four weeks when true leaves emerge, transplant them outdoors after hardening off seedlings; exposing them gradually over time to outdoor conditions before planting outside permanently.


In conclusion, propagating heuchera plants can be done successfully using different methods such as division, stem cuttings or seed germination. Each method has its own unique set of requirements but all are relatively easy to accomplish for even novice gardeners. With patience and care you too can create more beautiful Heuchera plants for your collection!